Tennessee Valley Exotic Bird Club

Rescue & Adoption







As of January 1, 2009, TVEBC will cease operation of its “Rescue & Adoption Program”. As an exotic bird club, we believe in providing our community with assistance in finding homes for exotic birds in need of re-homing. This is a pleasure and a responsibility to be able to support people who find themselves in a position of not being able to care for an exotic bird. Their circumstances do not matter, as we are only interested in helping to find a home for these animals.

I am pleased to announce that TVEBC is partnering with Phoenix Landing to provide rescue & adoption services for our community. They have been providing Rescue & Adoption services for several years. Phoenix Landing operates an adoption program which covers the Washington D.C. region, as well as most of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. In addition, they welcome applications from Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; southern Pennsylvania; and eastern West Virginia.

HOW PHOENIX LANDING CAN HELP. Phoenix Landing was created to help people with these situations.  They are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the quality of life for parrots.  Phoenix Landing re-home parrots and helps them to find a new family. This process is coupled with a robust education program, giving their adopters many tools to help everyone succeed. For more information about the Phoenix Landing Adoption Program, go to: www.phoenixlanding.org and check out “Adoption” or “Relinquish” to find out more information & to access any forms.


Matt McKinney

TVEBC President